Dec. 17th, 2009

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 HAIII :DDD Hello BBs! Finally exams are over! and Christmas break is here! WOOT! :DD but sadly I couldn't attend my class' Christmas party D: you see, i'm flying to Cebu tomorrow and it's the exact date for the Christmas party D: really sad :\ I wanna go :( but on the brighter side though, I'd be seeing Joshua and Justin tomorrow :D and Jasmine plus Jet! :D YAY ♥ LOVELY AND HANDSOME COUSIN HERE I GOOOOO~

♥ ♥ ♥

FLAAAAIILLLL. TRIGONOMETRY EXAMS WERE SUCH "BOOOOOOOO" yeah, it was really difficult, specially the problem solving part :| made my head overheat D:

♥ ♥ ♥

We went caroling today, after exams :P It was exciting. :D We went caroling to earn funds for the Student Council projects :'> I thought it would be kinda scary to be singing in other people's houses, but I just thought positively. :D and you know what? riding in the pick-up car (or whatever you call it. the kind of car that has an open space, keke lol.) anyway, riding in that kind of car was fun, LOL. WIND EFFECTS, YEEEAAAAH. OH YEAH. YEAH YEAH YEAH /mblaq.

so like.. we were on our way back to school, and since it was an open space, I told my friends: "why don't we sing "Nobody"? " and they were like, OH YES YES! So we sang! and the people on the streets danced nobody when they heard us, ROFL. and later on I told my friends again: "LET'S SAY HI TO EVERYBODY!" they were kinda shyyy (or was it just me who was hyper.) and so I started saying HI to everybody! :D XDXDXD they were looking at me like I was weird (which I was)  but eventually smiled~ :D  and and and I was getting tired of saying HI to everybody, so I told my friends to tell the people: "HIGH FIVE! " and extend their arms so that they can High five you back. XD and then again, I made the first try..! the car was going kinda fast and there was this guy who was walking along the street, and so I told him: "HI~! HIGH FIVE!" and extended my arms. He was just looking at me, and when we were kinda close enough he tried to high five back but failed since the car was fast, LOL. When my friends tried it they failed.

♥ ♥ ♥

and now I'm packing for my things. :D I'm gonna be leaving for Cebu tomorrow, so I better get ready. :D Please remind me to pack Almighty(my hardrive) with me :D  THANKSSS. oh and by the way, idk if i'm going to be on hiatus or stuff.. since we have internet over there. LOL but i'm not sure though~ :D oh and I don't have a portable photoshop installed in my hardrive, so I dunno if I could update [ profile] almightytofu  yet. :D i'll try to download a portable on when I arrive in cebu though! :D

I'M GONNA MISS YOU GUYS :DDD mwaaah ♥ hugs and kisses + chocolates and oh yeahs. :D GOD BLESS YOU AND MERRY CHRISTMAS! plus A SANGTAE-ful NEW YEAR! :3


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